Portland Real Estate
Greg Messick


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  • Worked in production housing industry for 15 years.
  • Prior to getting licensed I wanted to sell a home for a flat fee.
  • Got licensed in 2002.
  • Created PortlandMLSDirect.com to create Buyer leads for myself.
    • PPC advertising.
  • Created ByOwnerOregon.com in 2003.
  • Stopped working leads. Just supplied leads to agents.
  • Grew to over 20 agents primarily working with Buyers.
    • Spent 15 to 20k monthly in PPC.
    • Main competitor on adwords RealEstate.com (Barry Diller, Interactive Corp, Lending Tree).
  • Market adjustment 2007.
    • Noticed they RealEstate.com stopped PPC.
    • Lost agents. Less Buyers.
  • Transitioned business focus away from Buyers to Flat Fee MLS and 1% Full Service listings.
  • Became the leading provider of alternative real estate services in Oregon.
  • #1 Listing Agent in Oregon.
  • Focus in Oregon for 2014
    • Increase 1% Listing Commission
    • OregonListingAgent.com
  • Production Real Estate Selling System
    • Technology and Processes allow us to effectively handle more listings and cover a broader market.
    • Reduced commission structure consistently drives a large volume of clients and referrals.
    • Most agents spend 80 to 90% of their time prospecting.
    • WIN WIN.
  • Replicate Marketing Strategy in target markets.

By Owner Oregon Listing Process

Oregon Listing Agent Process

  • Now we have a story to tell – OregonListingAgent.com
    • You can list with the #1 Listing Agent in Oregon and still save money.
  • Most home-sellers list their homes with a friend on a neighbor.
    • They don’t know how many homes they actually sell.
  • Most Listing Agent want you to think they are the one responsible for selling the home.
    • 90% of all listings are sold by a Buyers Agent.
    • The MLS is what actually sells the home.
  • Our client save on average over $9,000.

Buyers Representation

  • Buyer’s are back.
  • We are positioned better today than ever.
  • A lot of agents dropped out.
  • Average age of a Realtors is 57.
  • PortlandMLSDirect.com
    • Natural search engine positioning.
    • Top 5 on most search engines any keyword around Portland MLS.
    • Spending ZERO.
  • Growing Buyers Agent Team
  • Hiring millennials
    • Flexible schedule
    • Mobile
    • Into technology
    • We provide leads
  • Hyperlocal niche market websites.
  • Target FTHB’s and move up buyers.